Because EVERYONE should have access to affordable, high-quality hemp extracts.

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Taking into account that every client is unique, therefore every company has different needs. Understanding how difficult it is to navigate this new and emerging industry we take pride in guiding our clients through any obstacles presented.



Streamlining the buying process so you can focus on accelerating towards prosperity with a structured financial framework allowing you to scale and grow. Our vision is to provide more resources allowing you to obtain clarity on the road ahead.



Partnering with the best suppliers, producers and extractors in the United States to bring an unmatched standard to wholesale hemp extracts. Our diligent team provides the highest caliber of service and experience with each and every transaction.


See what we currently have in stock in our online warehouse OR join our Buyers’ Club and let us source exactly what you need at a lower price than you’re currently paying.

Online Warehouse

We have thousands of kilograms of oil in stock, ready to ship out in any quantity you need – from one liter to 208 liter drums. Visit our online warehouse to see what we have on hand. All of our products include lab results and other details to ensure transparency.

Our team is always available to answer any questions you have regarding our products or our process.

Buyers’ Club

Don’t see what you need in our warehouse? Want to plan ahead for future growth or product changes? Don’t stress, our extensive network of farmers, extraction facilities and labs means that we have access to the best hemp extracts throughout the US at very competitive prices.

Simply join our Buyers’ Club. We’ll put our team to work, sourcing your oil needs at a better price than you are currently paying.