Emerald Research

Producing the highest quality products, using premiere scientific processes, coupled with truly superior client service. Emerald Research prides itself on having one of the most comprehensive white label programs in the industry.

Verdantis Advisors

The connected professional cannabis agency for expert licensing, consulting, marketing, and investing. With a broad based business and cannabis experience specializing in sales, acquisitions, and investments. Verdantis is a reliable source that you can depend on moving forward.

Adherent HEALTH

An independent clinical engagement services provider, focused solely on strategic application of technology that helps clinicians access treatments, and more predictably engage patients in desired adherence and self-care behaviors.

Life Patent

Life Patent is the result of a group of talented people recognizing a connection to the plant and its meaning to others. A team of people who are dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabinoid products available in the market. A group that is proud and honored to be on the scientific forefront of this exciting new frontier that is committed to the journey.

Hakuna Supply

Hakuna Supply is Rooted in Los Angeles, CA and was sprouted in 2016. Grown with problem free philosophy, Hakuna believes in transparent customer service and giving back more than they take. Quality and sustainability is the water which makes them grow and the customers are the sunshine which makes them blossom.