A Full-Spectrum of Hemp Solutions

Attilah is a national leader in providing resources for growing companies across the hemp industry.

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Through today's constantly evolving hemp marketplace, we are a leading innovative solutions provider for growing companies throughout the industry. Launched as a simple, transparent platform for supply-chain logistics, wholesale extracts, operations, white/private labeling, and retail growth options.

While farmers, processors, manufacturers and CBD brands are searching for avenues of growth, it is only a matter of time until regulation and compliance limit the barrier to entry. Whether you need facility build outs, raw material insight, FDA education, compliance training or hemp consulting, Attilah can help your organization rise up above the standard.


Attilah offers trusted, transparent sourcing solutions for companies of all sizes. Our hemp extracts are of the highest-quality and exclusively sourced through partners whose products and processes have been fully vetted. We only put our name behind the best.

Our extensive network allows us to offer raw material prices below market cost. The best product, the best price.

We currently have a large allotment of oils in our Warehouse, but if you’re after isolate, broad spectrum (THC free), or anything in between — join our Buyers’ Club and let us source exactly what you need.


We offer a catalog of tailored sales outsourcing solutions through our Retail Growth Partnership. Our speciality is getting your products into retail stores all over the U.S.

If you have a quality product and a solid e-commerce platform but are daunted by the thought of building and managing an in-house sales organization, our Retail Growth solution is for you. With our team of account managers, business development associates and extensive network of retailers, we can target the demographics and regions that will take your business to the next level.


Not everyone has access to their own state of the art lab. For many of our partners it makes more sense economically to outsource their R&D, production, manufacturing and packaging to us. We offer a full-range of white & private labeling services to companies of all sizes — from individuals who want to source a brand new product line to large CBD brands who need extra capacity.

By closely monitoring evolving market trends, we understand the unique needs of our customers and consumers. This allows us to provide private labeling services at prices that are competitive to in-house production. It’s easier and cheaper than you think to outsource every part of your production.

Discover our award-winning collection of products and see how Attilah can assist in providing overhead in your wholesale margins. You can be confident you’re getting authentic CBD goods with accurate labeling when you choose Attilah’s Brands because our products are formulated in FDA approved food grade (cGMP) facilities and third-party tested from seed to sale.

All of our products are free of solvents, pesticides, metals and unnatural substances; grown, extracted and manufactured in the USA using GFP, GMP, and ISO. We focus on quality control to ensure that all of our products are held to the highest standards.

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