Our full-service approach is simple: we work on a purely commission basis to effectively get your products onto the shelves of our network of retailers all over the U.S. — We handle and manage everything, allowing you to focus on moving your strategic vision forward.


Grow Your Retail Presence

Through An Attilah Retail Growth Partnership

Our Guarantee

We work with you to build meaningful relationships, develop actionable joint business plans and provide a vertical communication platform in order to showcase our clients complete transparency throughout the sales process.


Our diverse team specializes in enhancing brand value through the development of regionally relevant, channel-and segment-specific, integrated marketing programs.



Building a sales team from scratch is expensive, managing one, even more so. For many early-mid stage companies, this option is simply not marginally feasible, which means that an entire revenue source is left largely untouched.



Even if you have the resources necessary to build an in-house team, success is far from guaranteed. To start, you need experienced managers and a skilled, well-trained team. Additionally, an existing network of retail connections is critical for gaining initial traction.



Building and managing a sales team team requires an enormous amount of time. Time that most growing companies simply cannot afford to take away from other tasks. Your product and process is what makes you special. Without constant improvement of both, it’s difficult to maintain your competitive edge.


Build A Legacy

Establishing a strong network of stores that carry and promote your products could easily be the difference between creating a beloved, household brand, and getting lost in the competitive shuffle of the hemp industry.

Attilah’s Retail Growth Partnership

Holistic Approach

We’re not a broker, we’re not a distributor — we’re a partner. That means cultivating a relationship where our team is completely aligned with yours and laser focused on creating long-term value, not just a quick sale. Our strength is sales and growing your retail base, but that’s far from where our services end. Partnering with Attilah means access to our extensive domestic and international seed-to-sale network. Whether you need a supply source, digital marketing help, extra production, R&D, or general business development — we will never limit ourselves in our joint pursuit of your goals, whatever they are.

Experienced Team

We have decades of experience building and managing sales organizations. Combining that with our existing industry relationships and retail clients, and you get a truly dynamic growth formula.

Every client and product is different. The secret to our success is a tailored sales strategy that involves - presenting your product to handpicked segments of our existing retail network who have expressed interest in adding a product line that fits the profile of yours - and dedicating a specialized sales team, intimately familiar with your market segment, to build new retail relationships and new sales opportunities.


Pay for Performance

The best partnerships are win-win. Through data and technology, our Category Management team aligns market intelligence and real-time insights to provide category-centric, geo-targeted solutions intended to maximize customer and brand value.

We want our partners to keep as much of their valuable capital and revenue as possible. If you grow we grow. That’s why we work exclusively off of commission based on retail sales we generate.

You don’t pay us anything until we make you money. Period.

Getting Started

It’s simple. Send us an email to set up a call. Once you become a member we build out a tailored retail strategy, devote a sales team to your product, and start prospecting and reaching out to our existing retail network.

Full Service Sales Solution

We handle all of the payment processing, invoicing, account management, and all other administrative tasks associated with on-boarding and managing accounts. We’ll even collaborate and guide you through joint tasks such as sampling and merchandising.

Customized To Fit Your Business

In addition to sales, you can also outsource your digital marketing activities to our staff of experts.

This includes everything from social media, SEO, Facebook/Google/Instagram, and all of those other technical and time-consuming tasks that are absolutely crucial to increasing traffic and brand awareness in this digital age.